Wild Card™……The Original Parallel™ is back!!

We are so very excited to bring Wild Card™ back at this special time in the Sports Card industry. Wild Card™ was the 1st Company to introduce the multi-card Parallel 30 years ago.
Wild Card™ originated the 1st announcement to the public on the number of cases being produced. Wild Card™ pioneered the redemption card program. Wild Card™ was the 1st to do many things. Wild Card™ was an innovative and disruptive Trading Card company. Now, we are back……and we will continue the Wild Card™ tradition, of bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the Trading Card industry. We are committed to growing our collector base with exciting designs and unique proprietary processes. Stay tuned!!


Coming Soon –       Wild Card™ Alumination™

Wild Card™ is also pleased to announce that our first Foil Pack release called Alumination™ will be coming out later this spring. This foil pack release will be revolutionary to say the least. Wild Card will shock The Hobby with this one. Stay tuned for details, and be sure to sign up as an Inside Trader™ as Wild Card™ Alumination will also have a very limited exclusive direct website offering that you won’t want to miss!

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